About Me

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First, let me start out by saying I am not the James Thatcher that plays the French Horn, I play Saxophone and Baritone (which is an ugly cousin of the French Horn) - if you are looking for the other James Thatcher (the one who is more known for his musical talent) please go to Wikipedia or some other venue. I'm sure he's a wonderful person, but I'm not him!


My name is James Thatcher. I'm a US Licensed Customshouse Broker, Master of Business Administration graduate of the University of Toledo, Alumni of Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity, Core Brother of Phi Upsilion local Toledo Chapter, husband, father, and Certified Bar-Be-Que Judge. 


Most everything people wonder about me can find out more at http://about.me/jthatcher so stop by there and if not - send me an email via the contacts page :)

Me at TWiT Studios in Petaluma, CA