This is where I write stuff... don't be surprised if it's silly, serious, or whatever... I'm still trying to figure out who and what I am right now :)

Yesh... I can't catch a break

OK, so I haven't been blogging... sorry... I told you I'm not good at this! 


OK - so I just got back from trips to Seattle (yesterday) and San Francisco, Indianapolis and Akron (last month) - overall beautiful cities and I'm sure there is so much to do in each, but I travel on business - which means I don't get to see much more than our office (or our client's office), the hotel room, and the airport. 

I LOVE going out and meeting new people (our employees, our clients, our partners, etc) it's usually a good time to learn about others and see what they are doing and figure out how we/I can help them. But I am a little disappointed that I never get to really see a city... for example, the hotel in Seattle was right next to the Wizards of the Coast office building (for those that do not know who WotC are, perhaps you've heard of some of their titles: Magic: The Gathering (Collectible Card Game) and a little thing called Dungeons and Dragons (Role Playing Game) -- yes they have others, but I'm going with the two biggies - I saw the outside of their building, I got to check in on FourSquare that I was there (which I was, just not inside) and I ran past it at 4am PDT on both mornings in the hotel... but I never got to go in... I'm not sure if they have  a gift shop (if they do not, their fools), but I would have loved to buy something from there. Unfortunately, time never normally permits fun things (yes, yes, that's why it's called "work"). So, I got to see the airports - my overall impressions: San Francisco was pretty easy to get around, no big issues; and Seattle had a few really nice gift shops that were open at 5am (SFO, take note - open your gift shops and people WILL buy there).


But I've just been busy, next week I'm jet setting again to the south and then FINALLY the week after I'll be on vacation in the mountains of Tennessee (no you cannot come with).


Much love, and try to stay dry!