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Doctor Who - yes this will be long

OK, so for those that actually know me (IRL) you know that I love almost all things Sci-Fi. I have a huge interest to Star Trek (yes I had a uniform from TOS, back off) as well as Asimov's works and even (though I do not agree with his politics) Orson Scott Card's Ender series. I also enjoy Sci-Fantasy (Star Wars, Warehouse 13, Eureka, Big Bang Theory (yes it's total bs sometimes)) - but for Sci-Fantasy no show comes close to the Doctor.

Doctor Who most specifically, and yes, we refer to him as "The Doctor" or if you want to be a proper Brit at it "Lord Doctor" as he is a Time Lord. If you've never heard of Doctor Who or The Doctor or know what a TARDIS, Dalek, or UNIT is, then perhaps you should go read up more on the subject before going down my insanity post. It also helps to know the "Classic" series a bit, because I'm going to be rather blase here. (Or you can just skip this post completely).

Let me start by saying I do not hate Steven Moffat, I think he has done some remarkable story telling in the show and quite frankly kept it together rather well. That being said - he can't follow his own damn story line, and it's starting to piss me off. Before you now, I submit my facts and disappointment that BBC apparently can't hire a staffer to walk up to Moffat and say "Dude, you can't do this because of 'X'" - where as X = the actual already stated canon in previous episodes. I mean seriously BBC, you have fans the world over on this show that could re-enact entire episodes, you can't find anyone with a backbone to step up to the plate? 

(btw - these are not in any specific order - just rambling bits that come out in droves)

1.) In Day of the Doctor - We are shown the last day on Gallifrey, when the "Hurt Doctor" (I'm not sure if we call him 9 or 8.5 as Matthew (from Dueling Reviews) suggests) has to make the decision whether or not to blow the entire race of Daleks and Gallifreins (as not all people from Gallifrey are Time Lords). I'm not going to 100% spoil it, but here's my question - in the "resolution" they forget about the fact that in The End of Time - Lord Rassilon is wanting to ascend to a different level, so is the use of "The Moment" what Rassilon wanted? I think not, because he wants there to be a push at the end of all time. Further, where the heck was Rassilon in this episode? Where was this fanatical devotion to transcendence? We did not see ANY of this in the Day of the Doctor at all! What we saw was Time Lords and the military trying to not become all dead - this implies that no one believed that there was going to be a great advancement to another plane of existence. (yes Russell T. Davies wrote this script and maybe Moffat just wants to forget that it happened, but it did happen it's part of the history of The Doctor). 

2.) Another question has come about if the "Hurt Doctor" (8.5) is actually the 9th, but if he's the 9th, then that means that Eccelson is the 10th, Tennant is the 11th, Smith is the 12th, and Capaldi will be the last (normal regeneration schedule) 13th Doctor. Now there are plenty of ways to get out of this and have it go on, and in fact in the Day of the Doctor we are given (at the very end) a glimpse to maybe what lays in the future for The Doctor. So, how, how do you give a Time Lord another bite at the apple? It's already happened - enter the character that several hate (but I quite like) River Song. Oh yes, Amy and Rory's daughter (oops, spoiler?) has used her power in the past to regenerate the doctor, we don't know how many regenerations River used up already and if she "gifted" that to the Smith Doctor, then we probably have at least 7 more to go after 13 (Figure she had original form, Melody, and then current River, plus about 2-3 more). So, it may be that this is Moffat's out, which I would be absolutely fine with and have no arguments - but then... Steven (Oh Steven just keep your mouth shut) has to go and say this "He has no more ever called himself the 11th Doctor than he would call himself Matt Smith. The Doctor doesn't know off the top of his head [what number he is]." Oh how quickly we forget the stories in our own damn playbook Steven, on YOUR WATCH this was said (see specifically at 1 minute). 

Wait, so the Smith Doctor doesn't know what number he is, but states he's the 11th? Come on Steven - your NOT that clever (you've been caught, just admit it). Now I'm not stating that Smith shouldn't be the 11th in this particular clip because remember he doesn't count the "Hurt Doctor" as stated In The Name of the Doctor.


So - I've got 2 things that are popping out to me right now that have set me off, I know there are other things that just don't make ANY sense, but maybe that's what Moffat wants - either that or he's retcon in mid stride because no one will call him out on it. Well Mr. Moffat, challenge accepted. Not that I actually expect you to read this (hell I'd be surprised it ANYONE at the BBC read this) - but I do feel better just putting it out there. I want others to question this. Think my geek friends, think about this show that we love and ask "How does this make sense..." 

OK - last bit (so I don't get all the haters) - yes, I actually (other than the above points) Loved the episode. I cried, seriously I did. I laughed at many things and I left feeling great, then my mind started to ask these questions, and well... what happens when you ask questions? You feel driven to find answers.


Free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Am I insane? Am I lost? or maybe, maybe I actually have made a point, and made you wonder as well...