This is where I write stuff... don't be surprised if it's silly, serious, or whatever... I'm still trying to figure out who and what I am right now :)

Starting out


If your reading this then HOW DID YOU FIND ME? I've been hiding for so long! Now you've found me, crap... OK I guess I should tell you a little about myself... wait - no that's over in the about me area - OK if you don't know about me, click about me! HA that problem is solved. This whole blogging thing isn't so hard... now what do I write about?

Crap... OK ummm well, I got this new webpage, I've actually had it for a while - but finally decided to upgrade, maintain it. Make it look somewhat cooler. 

If your on Facebook with me, then you'll get more of the unfiltered Thatcher experience (it also means I know who you are) - if it's on here it's going to be ramblings about things that my family/friends probably are sick of hearing me talk about (namely work, music, anime, politics, and religion -- I've always heard those last two are the ones that scare people off... are you gone yet? Crap...


-- J